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The nutrient value of celery is very tall, a lot of people like to eat celery particularly, but when everybody eats celery commonly, metropolis choice throws away celery leaf, and the stem that has celery, actually the leaf of celery also is eatable, and its nutrient value and no less than celery bines, just be leaf tastes mouthfeel has a few bavin, but do soup to drink flavour really very good, so what nutrition value does celery leaf soup have?

Celery leaf soup

1, celery flavour laborious, pleasant, the gender is cool, have acetanilide and detumescence of clear hot cool blood, diuresis, hemostatic effect, it is to be able to be used at assisting road of hypertensive, make water of the symptom such as infection, hepatitis, injuries from falls, fracture, uterine bleeding, leucorrhoea alleviate, still can treat pee to drench additionally the disease such as toothache of fire of haemorrhage of painful, defecate, icteric, wind, mumps.

2, additional, celery contains iron the volume is higher, the loss of blood of classics of can compensatory woman, be patient of anaemia of the sex that be short of ironFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Beautiful greens, still can avoid the skin cadaverous, dry, complexion is not had China, and can make the look has a mind, hair Hei Liang, be female good news.

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Be worth what carry to still have, its juice still has fall blood sugar action. Often eat some of celery, can counteract the acidity material inside uric acid and body, have better effect to preventing gout.

The effect of celery is varied, without doubt celery leaf soup also is to having much dietotherapy effect, besides it is a delicate and goluptious cate beyond, still can give a bodyShanghai noble baby

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Body provides enough energy

Celery leaf soup

1, the misunderstanding with the leaf constant presence of a lot of people to cress dish, think the leaf of draft celery is bad to the body.

The leaf of water celery can eat

2, concern rarely commonly atA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The introduction of method of celery leaf cooking, so a lot of people are after trim vegetable for cooking, threw away the leaf of cress dish directly.

If be in cooking when, if throwing away celery leaf directly, that rather too over- regrettablly. Because the nutrient value of celery leaf is even higher than celery bine even,this is. Consider to discover according to contemporary dietetics, the nutrient composition such as qualitative, magnesian, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 wants the calcium that celery leaf place contains tower above of bine of the celery that compare water is very much, even the leaf of cress dishForum of Shanghai night net

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Child in still contain the vitamin E that contains far from in cress dish bine, see so, the leaf of cress dish is a good thing.

Celery leaf soup

Be in after everybody so edible cress dish when, must not throw away the leaf of celery, can the bine of dish of along with cress is fried together, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The nutrition that absorbs so will be taller.

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