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Hill grape also calls bryony, this is a kind of plant that exists extensively in very mountainous area, and its to living environmental requirement also is not so too tall, survive easily. And hill grape is a common establish not justForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Content, hill grapy the root is a kind of very good Chinese traditional medicine material, its have very good clear hot detoxify, invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, detumescence acetanilide wait effect a moment, suit to treat lumbar acerbity backache, injuries from falls to wait a moment very much, come below detailedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Introduce root of one downhill grape to be able to treat what disease.

Hill grape root can treat what disease

Of hill grape root basically effect:

Hill grape root is OK clear heat is alexipharmic, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Dehumidify of dispel the wind, medicinal powder Yu detumescence. Use at: Lobar carbuncle, appendicitis;2 scrofula, arthralgia of rheumatism of n/med tuberculosis;3, injuries from falls of lumbar leg painful; , swollen sore of carbuncle of fracture gall; is poisonous, burn scald, the; such as poisonous snakebite is chronic osteomyelitis.

Acid of pleasant of hill grape flavour, small acerbity, the gender is smooth, avirulent. Dehumidify of dispel the wind of to be taken orally, alexipharmic detumescence, clear hot diuresis, cool blood work of muscle of hemostatic, easy, medicinal powder Yu, know wind. Enter lobar kidney classics. Advocate treat lumbago of oedema of acid of the diarrhoea, body that hurt heat, children, rheumatism, tympanitis, wet phlegmy disgorge, skin wet ache of blood of mad rash, wind, anonymous ulcer of swollen poison, sore is swollen poison, drop oedema of blood of dozen of swollen poison, traumatic Yu, rheumatism.

Hill grape root can treat what disease

Hill grape how bubble wine

Material: Grape root, rock candy and liquor (must be food alcoholic drink) each 500 grams.

Practice: container and grape root abluent, grape root and rock candy (grind broken end) put recipient inside, enter liquor, close over is good, place indoor the uncap after a month. Squeeze grape bead extract juice, skin of take out grape and nucleus, mix is even, bottle can drinkable. Bubble wine had better use pure food alcoholic drink, be opposite in all with alcohol the wine that come out, want the raw material that has been absentFall in love with the sea

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Blind also, even case counteractive

Hill grape root can treat what disease

What can hill grape root treat ill

1. treats with the head excessive haematemesis: Bryony root 39. White sugar of the add that boil water is taken. (” Chongqing medicinal herbs ” )

2. treats a bosom abdominal distension become nugget completely: Bryony root half jinsShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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. Stew the flesh that kill a mouth to take. (” Chongqing medicinal herbs ” )

3. treats pain of bones and muscles: Bryony bright root 39, wine of wine of add of water simmer in water. (Jiangxi ” medicinal herbs manual ” )

4. treats chronic arthritis: Bryony 19, the root that hook a cane 3 money, fresh big invigorate the circulation of blood 9, bright the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 9, bright in March bubble (blackberry, Shan Mei) 9, bright 102 gold 9, child cany root 5 money. Stew with broth take. Acute person withA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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