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Article introduction

Many cholesterol and amino acid are contained a lot ofinside the egg, for the nourishing sex edibles with photograph other comparing, its nutrition value is absorbed OK and very well by human body, it is us often one of food of edible, also suit to be being used at the adolescent of body development period very much. As a result of the distinctive mouthfeel of the egg, a lot of cooking means suit exceedingly, should eat be used to after cook an egg commonly or scrambling egg, be inferior to learn to learn the way of leek egg cake.

Practice of cake of phenanthrene dish egg

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Feed material detail

Advocate makings: The egg is right amount, leek right amount

Complementary makings: Soy is right amount, 13 sweet right amount

, oyster sauce is right amount, amylaceous and right amount, rice vinegar is right amount, salt right amount

The measure that make

1.Material: Egg, leek, soy, oyster sauce, amylaceous, rice vinegar, salt, 13 sweet

2.Leek is cut small-scale.

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3.The egg is broken into pieces put into deep bowl, a few a bit soy, oyster sauce, amylaceous, rice vinegar are joined after break up is even, hit again next even. (Joining rice vinegar is to go egg fishy smell and decoct when more fleeciness have egg sweet smell more, amylaceous meeting lets egg and leek in decoct when come loose not easily)

4.Enter mincing leek dozenLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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In even egg fluid, join right amount salt and one sweet, mix divide evenly. (Do not have in the home 13 sweet need not add)

5.Boiler is red next oil, when oily 5-6 becomes heat, move small fire, the egg leek fluid that pours one spoon amount drinks the simmer in water in boiler, need not when do not have ripe egg leek fluid to spread out outside, become cake entity so, easy also ripe, after decoct good one side1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, retroflexion another again decoct1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. Until become fry in shallow oil of all egg leek fluid cake.

6. is sending out the egg leek cake of leek and egg fragrance, finished.

Practice of cake of phenanthrene dish egg

Practice 2

Feed capable person

Advocate egg of   of makings flour 300g 4 leekShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Dish 300g

Complementary makings salt is right amount 13 sweet right amount oil right amount


1. flour adds a few water, dry flour and Cheng Sui shape.

2. is mixed slowly again smooth dough, soft strong pitch is equivalent to making the range of dumpling.

3. cent kneads a circle into agent of size of about 50 grams.

4. roll becomes the face skin of Bao Houjun divide evenly, size is equal the boiler at oneself.

5. leek is abluent and mincing reserve.

6. takes leek of about 70 grams to be put into the bowl, infiltrate an egg, join a few salt, agitate comes loose.

The egg fluid that 7. comes loose agitate puts the face skin with good roll.

Practice of cake of phenanthrene dish egg

8. even lay open.

9. builds skin of on one piece of face.

The face skin that 10. takes bowl of edge that use a bowl to will been built is pressed press circuit.

11. is uncovered by press redundant face skin to reserve.

12. frying pan puts oil to burn heat, put the cake embryo fry in shallow oil that has made to make.

Decoct of 13. one side comes golden other one side of decoct searching an area, two sides is golden can give boiler edible.

Xiao stick person

1. suits to be done now eat now, so cortical crisp, inside stuffing is loose, mouthfeel is better.

Because 2. is two cake skin closes to do, when so roll is made, want to be made geminately.

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