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Make tea is a knowledge, it has already practical have artistic quality again. The household utensils of the choice that water quality stresses in make tea process, make tea choosesFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, the knowledge of the many sided such as the dosage of the choice of tea sort and make tea. The tea service that different tea sort suits, water grows when lukewarm, strong bubble etc is to have diverse demand. The can bring very wonderful mouthfeel and spirit correctly to go up to bubble method enjoyment to a kind of tea.

How is make tea just correct

How make tea ability is correct

A lot of people are in leisure very, tea is drunk in can making an appointment with on 35 good friends come to the home, fine sample finely its taste, already can preserve one’s health, the feeling between promotional friend, bad! Sit when the friend nevertheless after deciding, oneself do not know however how make tea, that is very awkward. We see accurate make tea method and corresponding move together below:

1, everybody needs before make tea first lukewarm cup: the teacup abluent, had ironed this to be lukewarm cup a little with boiled water.

2, the link with most crucial make tea wakes namely tea, it matters to boiled water to develop the effect of bubble finally: Everybody puts tea into the teacup that high temperature has ironed first, the boiled water that uses 85 Celsius develops bubble, water quantity has built tea a bit some more can. Wait for tea to extend moment, pour water. Does this one pace have He Yiyi? Its purpose is to make tea complete come to one’s senses, new coruscate gives the essence of tea. And a few impurity in tea, broken end, also go out along with the and his like right now, make the tea of next strong bubble qualitative will more pure and fresh, clean.

3, can develop bubble directly then, this one pace also is to have a lot of cultured: Everybody can improve the position of jug appropriately, by go up and fall, current falls into the cup commonly like chute, the tea bubble that makes a cup of copy bath. The water lukewarm 80-90 that notices make tea is spent had better.

4, after tea bubble is good not easy instantly drinkable, can admire tea first, because,this is just the tea temperature with good bubble is exorbitant, should not be right now swig, admire carefully one time first, wen Jixiang, watch its scene, the change of form.

5, drink tea namely finally: The Shang Liang that wait for tea comes dainty, wait a moment is slow sample.

How is make tea just correct

Make tea should notice what thingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Wanting the boiled water with make tea clear goluptious alcohol is not an easy thing, everybody is about to hold good water above all lukewarm. And different tea uses the water of different temperature will develop bubble. E.g. bubble bud-leaf delicate rare green tea uses the water that 80 ℃ control aptly, scented tea, black tea, cheap green tea needs to rush with 90-100 ℃ boiling water, press tea oolong, Pu’er tea, closely to also be used aptlyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The boiling water of 100 ℃ .

How is make tea just correct

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Make tea should notice what item 2

Because did not hold the dosage of good tea,have many people, and cause boiled water too thick too weak perhaps, because this everybody should hold the dosage of good tea when make tea, it is with 100 milliliter water e.g. green tea exemple, send tea 3 grams are the most appropriate, if black tea can be added to 5 grams, can repeat strong bubble for many times the 1/3 ~ 1/2 that high mountain tea of; oolong, a variety of oolong tea, Taiwan takes tea service capacity with doing tea is advisable; Pu’er tea is ripe the tea dosage of tea and close of a variety of oolong tea, if be born,tea should reduce the amount that send tea.

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