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Red ginseng is the familiar products of ginseng, a kind when belong to ginseng, it is rarer tonic, carrying1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Tall immunity force, improve Morpheus, be good at the lienal respect that raise a stomach can produce certain effect, of red ginseng have a way more, commonner have chew feed, make tea, crocus, stew boil wait for a method, among them make it red ginseng creams, have rise absorb and digestive action.

How does red ginseng take the effect best

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1, chew feed:

In cutting red ginseng a shape to put the entrance, OK and direct to nibble, OK also the mouth is contained have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid life-giving effect, it is most simple edible method, absorptivity of elite of Dan Gong ginseng is low and absorb a quantity to be controlled not easily.

2, make tea:

Will red ginseng slice, put into the cup or in the bowl, develop bubble with boiled water, cover 5 minutes of action frowzily can drinkable. Such drinkable it is OK to prevent the ginseng of will red ginseng is sweet force come out, but this kind of means is likewise red the nutrient material specific absorption in ginseng is inferior.

How does red ginseng take the effect best

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3, crocus:

Wear of will red ginseng is fine farinaceous, but direct edible, but should hold good dosage, the person of general constitution maintains every time it is OK to be controlled in 1 gram, before be being compared two kindsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Composition of red ginseng nutrition rises somewhat, defect has a way namely too too complex, and cannot hold good dose.

How does red ginseng take the effect best

4, stew boil:

Can rectify red ginseng raise or section but with chicken, flesh, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The fish is stewed together boil, so OK the purify of flavour of hardships and difficulties of will red ginseng, and can release the nutrient composition of red ginseng come out, but duration and time must want to had held, because be below high temperature, the nutrient composition such as the red glucoside that join black is destroyed very easily.

5, bubble wine:

To a lot of loving this plants nonabstainer way is again good not much, red ginseng section immerses in 40, in 60 degrees of liquor, daily small drink one cup, cannot mix too much, drink itself get angry, plus the wine that uses red ginseng bubble it is get angry letting a person more.

6, red ginseng creams:

Red ginseng creams is to pass will red ginseng to defeat mural technology and technology of patent evaporate ginseng to break red ginseng into pieces through the cell exceed subtle powder, form Hei Gong to joinA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, this kind of black red ginseng that exceeds subtle powder avoided the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the nutrient material such as black glucoside not only, also prevent the high temperature destruction to effective material at the same time.


1, in edible process must successive, cannot act too hastily, excessive is taken feed, according to different constitution, reasonable edible.

2, appropriate to having the special group such as hypertension, heart disease, pregnant woman to want to follow the doctor’s advice sincerely edible.

3, red ginseng is unfavorable wait for disappointing food with the turnip an edible, otherwise red ginseng effect also cannot eat come out.

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