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Hairtail is daily in relatively common sea fish, the flesh is qualitative delicate and delicious, and prick less, have a big thorn intermediate only, suit old people and child edible. And its nutrient value is extremely high also, have the effect that reduces blood pressure and cholesterol1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai are talkedForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, and also have profit to this head blood-vessel. Dry burn hairtail to make hairtail namely in the method among them a kind, we look how to be made together dry burn hairtail!

Dry how to burn hairtail to make?

Feed capable person advocate makings:

Hairtail 500 grams.

Feed capable person complementary makings:

Red beauty any of several hot spice plants 2, green Jiang Ge 5 grams, caraway 2.

Dry how to burn hairtail to make?

Shanghai noble baby

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Bright soy of United States pole 2 spoon, fish sauce 1 teaspoon, pepper 2 grams, thick chili sauce oil of 1 spoon, Chinese prickly ash wine of 1 teaspoon, carry on 2 spoon, egg,

Gallinaceous pink, amylaceous a few.

Raw material treatment reachs preparation:

Red any of several hot spice plants cuts end, caraway is cut paragraph, green ginger cuts end, take out yoke to reserve, dry starch is put in pannikin.

1. general hairtail hits deepness 2 times to the cross of bone to spend a knife, removed distance wants close, about 1 centimeter.

2. hits the hairtail of very beautiful knife, put into container, put cooking wine 1 spoon, fish sauce 1 teaspoon, bright soy of United States pole 1 spoon, pepper 1 gram, gallinaceous pink a few mixes divide evenly souse.

3. souse time at least 1 hour, best souse 2 hours.

4. first yoke break up, wrap hairtail full yoke, in touch a dry starch, the hairtail that the advantage fly into rage that such doing gives color is deep good-looking, starch returns easy cement.

5. starch is not stuck too much, one very thin.

The oil that has done not have hairtail is put in 6. boiler, 7 when becoming heat, issue hairtail, small fire fly into rage is made, want scamper to arrive ripe, about scamper 3-5 minute.

Dry how to burn hairtail to make?

Explode sweet

Little oil is put in boiler, next ordinal entering Jiang Si, onion powder, end of red any of several hot spice plants, thick chili sauce is fried sweet.

7. explodes sweet later, flavor namely, ordinal join delicacy of United States pole 1 spoon, carry on wine 1 spoon, chinese prickly ash is oily 1 teaspoon, pepper 1 gram, clear water 1 spoon.

8. clear water does not want to be added more, soup juice need not have done not have hairtail.

When 9. flavors, fire shuts the smallest, put hairtail finally.

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A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
. Medium baking temperature receives juice, need 1-2 only minute, when juice is not being had in boiler, outfit involving fire dish.

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