You cannot defeat me! ” dark black destroy a god 3 ” skeleton king 3D builds modular Jing to admire

Li Aorui overcomes skeleton king is ” dark black ” the character of a BOSS in series, regard player first act as the BOSS that encounter, most propbably numerous Nai is not a day people to him also impression is quite deep.

The virtuous Jun Sheng that Liaoruikeben is everybody love and esteem advocate, the bewitch of king big pineapple that gets fear however and reincarnate mad king, slaughter wildly people and the wife that killed oneself, by knightage fetch dies after hound somebody to death eternal, became skeleton king finally. This extremely rich tragic colorific is not dead hero, do not get aeon quiet.

A few days ago, foreign ace uses 3D to build a model to weigh model Li Aorui overcomes skeleton king, be spent subtly and luxuriant degree let person assist, have witch bewitching king quite Aersaisi Wang Zhe wind model, look together!

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