Man Manzheng energy ” whole area blocks ” model player 10 seconds Jing is extremely big rescue

In ” whole area blocks ” (The Division) shady area, anybody encounters a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes possibly, but just is accredit is without in this but the place of character, can reflect the glitter that gives human nature most. The evacuation point of shady area is whole it is one ambuscades circle, see when us one saves other to move to be saved at the person of heroic satisfy the need of extreme misery so when, must feel accident.

Most moment, the player won’t commit murder intentionally, won’t betray teammate more, players just are to hit a person when he is down, after looking at other team to be slaughtered by elite enemy, run to rob a corpse. But also can have real hero now and then, select kind of punish evil raise, move to be aided to puny player.

Their beneficent won’t waste. Besides get money of shady area experience, play beyond, they still will win the devoir of whole player group and praise.

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