” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” do not support Japanese many Japan player expresses disappointment

” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” 13 kinds of languages support when put on sale, include simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, but do not include Japanese, bring about player of a lot of Japan to leave a message in comment area, hope life fine can add Japanese support. A player says: “We need Japanese support. The the Three Kingdoms is in Japan extraordinary popularity, but player of a lot of Japan is not too know English, very sad cannot play this game with Japanese. ” to this one player the reply says: “” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” Chinese also does not support when put on sale at the beginning, a lot of China players that bought game resemble you leaving a message in comment area euqally, say [we need Chinese] . Final world fine the value that realizes Chinese market, change a civilian Chinese group incorporate into one’s own forces is official group, and this group help translated ” full-scale war: Battle hammer 2 ” and ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” . ” also Japanese player expresses, if this game supports Japanese, so can player of a lot of Japan is bought. In addition, also Japanese player does not recommend this game. This player expresses, “As long as ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” do not recommend without Japanese, without giving thought to the character of game itself how. What this kind of game aims at is professional player, because they do not know the meaning of these words. The the Three Kingdoms has a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch in Japan, ceng Xi looks Japanese can be joined in Japanese edition, but final world fine did not join with CA, because they do not like Japan. I think civilian volunteers are OK originally him interpreter, but the text amount of this game is too large, had better not expect so too much, because this needs too much time and energy ” . More radical Japanese player will not support Japanese understanding strangely to be ” the colour bar ” …

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