” halo ” joint development business swims newly ” Stela ” full-bodied ” Limbo ” wind

” halo: Infinite ” SkyBox Labs of joint development business just announced them to swim newly ” Stela ” information, the player will act a young woman in game, witness the die out of a secret ancient world, should make anticipate will issue 2019 go up at Xbox One and PC platform. ” Stela ” prevue:
Pass ” Stela ” the information of official website, one when we know game introduces roughly. The player needs to overcome the challenge of all sorts of your life Wei in game, cross various and dangerous landform, even conquer a lot of giant and critical beasts, use all sorts of environmental unlock enigma. There is mysterious town in game, unforgettable forest and tremendous subterranean remains, can let player shedding connect among them. We pass a few words of prevue and government, see this game is having not hard apparent ” Limbo ” style, but this also is to guess only, specific the news that how still watchs the government to be released next.

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