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Tecent publishs cloud game platform ” Tecent plays namely ” delay time under 40 millisecond     Read textual go up in congress of Spanish Barcelona MWC, tecent rolled out cloud game platform ” Tecent plays namely (Tencent Instant Play) ” , need not download installation, need not high-grade computer, online leave to play namely namely, let countless players ” leave to play namely namely ” the dream comes true. On different type terminal, different platform, click an icon at will, OK second fast the world of high quality game that enters dripping wet of merry and lively. “Tecent plays namely ” cloud game service cooperates by Tecent and Intel, will apply to PC and smartphone, more detail will be announced on the GDC of next month. Do not play to be broken surely! PS4/Xbox1 ” ghost sob 5 ” obtain FAMI have friendly relations to judge 37 minutes       Read sky of textual card general play of subordinate and classical movement is new piece ” ghost sob 5 ” be about to at official on March 8 put on sale, today, japan is the biggest game media ” FAMI is connected ” 37 minutes when 4 editors hit 9/10/9/9 reputably, expect to fall together. · PS4/Xbox1 ” ghost sob 5 ” , 4 editors that FAMI tells gave out 37 minutes of 9/10/9/9 reputably, be worth what play to expect an excellent work. Wide report is homebred in January cartoon puts on record announce master ” Shukebeida ” retake edition is in awesomely row!        Read total bureau of textual state wide report to be announced formally today cartoon of countrywide homebred TV was made in January 2019 put on record, break up in growing long list, our familiar cartoon is not much, do not cross a classical animation ” Shukebeida ” retake edition is in awesomely row, expect to fall together. · in January 2019, via putting on record fair cartoon of shown countrywide homebred TV in all 34, 13197.8 minutes. · holds scale size rank by place, put on record fair subject matter of shown homebred TV cartoon is ordinal for: Fairy tale subject matter, education subject matter, science fiction subject matter, other subject matter, practical subject matter, history subject matter, mythological subject matter. Guan Xuan: ” changeover judgment 123: Cheng Butang combines division ” whole platform Chinese affirms     Read announce of empty official of textual card general: ” changeover judgment 123: Cheng Butang combines division ” whole platform of PS4/Xbox One, Switch and Steam supports Chinese, will at official on April 10, 2019 put on sale, caption of Chinese of Jian Fan body released the form with updating archives Spring 2019. Assist of CCTV focus interview ” roam about the earth ” initiate new era of film of Chinese science fiction       Read textual ” roam about the earth ” cause the whole people to watch shadow upsurge since first day of the lunar year is shown, up to now heat is not decreased. 26 days of evening, CCTV ” focal interview ” to the film ” roam about the earth ” undertook special subject reports. This is Wu Jing afterwards 2017 ” battle wolf 2 ” go up ” focal interview ” hind, the work that has him again gets v&v compliment. In the program, the relevant personnel such as Guo Fan, Liu Cixin, Wu Mengda, Wu Jing talked about his a few feeling. Be as high as be born 40 years brand-new plan! ” be as high as the universe ” new brand investigate extremely movable hand does hit out     Read textual 10 thousand acting recreation announced recently, as souvenir ” motor-driven soldier is as high as ” be born 40 years brand-new plan, roll out brand-new be as high as model hand to handle a brand ” be as high as the universe (GUNDAM UNIVERSE) ” , the government claims this brand is not it is the player is familiar ” general is pulled spell outfit series ” , be over directly however finished product hand does, and investigate extremely movable, head play roll out 3 to be as high as, fix a price only 3000 yen (180 RMBs) unified! · is brand-new be as high as model hand to handle a brand ” be as high as the universe (GUNDAM UNIVERSE) ” be spell what pull by the steel general before mainly outfit + besmear is installed + the complete new hand that finished fun reached to collect finished product directly centrally, sexual price is compared taller, model quality is more stable. ” chastity child ” film head exposes to the sun premonitory female advocate suddenly by chastity child both hands catchs a face       Read textual ” midnight fierce bell ” director Zhongtianxiufu hold the series that guide is made newly ” chastity child ” , now first premonitory announce. Film is shown in Japan on May 24. ” chastity child ” those who tell about is Chi Tian the psychology of personate seeks advice from Yilaisha division Mo actor, see Little brother YouTuber is mixed true (clear water is searched also act the role of) there is camera to film in slipping into the house that fire passes. Off-limits room was entered later inside, discovered what thing suddenly. And after open-eyed expression, mo actor also saw the strange movie of little brother and true backside through video, the chastity that wrapping around to grow hair dress white clothes namely child!

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